5 Ways To Pick The Right Class (For You!)

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Dear Readers:
Having just returned from a beautiful holiday, I was pleasantly surprised when I put my key into the studio door and felt a sense of excitement come over me. You know you have a lot to be grateful for when you are excited to go back to work.  I guess I just want to start this blog by saying thank you.  It is because of your support that I am able to do what I love every day and I really hope to bring the same support to you in your health and fitness goals.
The relationship between instructor and student is such a special one and not something I ever take for granted. Last week, I spoke about life coming out on the mat and today, I want to make mention of how important it is for instructors to see the person inside of the body that is working so hard to follow direction.  People attend classes for a number of reasons and often health and fitness goals are ignited by a moment of painful realisation that they aren’t taking as good of care of themselves as they need to in order to live their happiest and fullest lives.  So many instructors show so much care and yet others can come in and bark orders and yell out commands without really seeing the parts in the whole.
This frightens me a bit as finding the right instructor is a bit like dating and one should not give up on classes simply because they have one in which they didn’t feel connected.  Today, I want to share five things to think of as you search for the right class.
Give it time. When you don’t know what you are doing, anything feels uncomfortable and awkward. If it’s just the routine that feels strange, try and go to three classes before making a decision.
Talk to the instructor. Don’t just pop in and out of a class. Take the time to introduce yourself to the instructor and ask him or her a few questions related to your goals and interests. 
Make it as convenient as possible. Is the location of the studio easy to get to? Is there a full class schedule? How full do the classes get on average?
Try a few classes. At JMP, we offer Pilates and Barre classes for students who want to mix things up, train different parts of their bodies and for those who prefer one over the other.
Don’t project! Being in a group class can be seriously intimidating (look at her bum! Am I doing this right?) Just because you’re feeling a certain something doesn’t mean everyone else is thinking it.
In closing, it’s essential that you remember that all classes are made up of men and women just like you. They are a community, not a competition and the right instructor will see you as an individual and you can help that by offering them the same respect in return.
Much Love,