5 Ways To Make Your Day Run Smoothly


Dear Readers:

All of us know that we can run into some difficulties as we dash from one commitment and “to-do” to another which is why I personally love anything that makes my day move more synergistically and peaceful.  Today, I thought it might be fun to share a few of the ways I stay on-track in the hopes that what I have learned may bring a little joy into your day.  As always, I would love to know your tips, so don’t be afraid to share them below (hint, hint).

Prep your Smoothie.

Start your day with something healthy, delicious and easy to make. You do this by having all of the prep work done the night before. Chop your fruit, soak your oats, add your milk, coconut water, spices…whatever.  All you’ll have to do is turn the blender on in the morning and your ready to go.  I have a great reusable takeaway smoothie container which allows me to drink it as I please.

Outfit? Organised!

How many of us have stared down our wardrobe in the morning, running late, and still not deciding what we are going to wear? Have your clothes sorted and ready to go the night before and you’ll have one less thing to stress over in the AM.

Stay hydrated

Always, always have a drink bottle with you, even if it is just a little one in your handbag, the car or at your desk. If it’s in front of you, I guarantee you will drink it. Hydration is going to keep headaches, stress, and concentration in check.

Lunch Is Served!

It is far easier to be cautious about what food you are putting into your body when you prepare your meals yourself. Being lactose intolerant, I find it hard to get a quick takeaway lunch. Thus, I have gotten in the habit of cooking double for dinner so there are always yummy left overs for the next day. Good for the wallet as well.

See the Sun.

I once read a funny statistic saying there was a direct correlation of increased sick days taken by those who live closer to the ocean. There is nothing that makes me sadder than being stuck inside on a sunny day. Do yourself, your boss and your mind a favour and go and find some sunshine.


What are your stress less tips?


Much Love,