5 Ways Stay Healthy On Your Travel Journey



All of this talk of travel is really giving me the bug! As such, I started to think about the importance of (and difficulty in) staying healthy during the travel journey, where the healthy options are limited, to say the least.

Today, I wanted to share a few tips for staying healthy while in the air.

Eat before you get to the airport. Even if it is just a shake and an egg, get something in your stomach so that you’re not hungry and paying a fortune for limited health options in the terminal. I love to have a peanut butter sandwich (I know it’s not the healthiest, but it’s really filling, and very tasty). You can always go au natural or have almond butter instead.

Pack a plane picnic. Once in the terminal, grab what snacks you are allowed to take on the plane, depending on where you’re going and what airline you’re flying, of course . Think of filling options such as an apple or pear (loaded with fiber) and heart-healthy nuts like almonds which are heavy on the protein.


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. Flying is dehydrating and staying hydrated will not only have your body working more efficiently, it will keep you from mistaking thirst for hunger (a common mistake) and also have you looking and feeling more refreshed when you land.

Plan ahead. I like to pack a mini emergency kit with a few essentials: Tums, Panadol.and even a change of clothes (I recently watched a man spill red wine all over the woman next to him. Not fun to sit in a sopping wet shirt for eight hours).

Bring a few upgrades.  A few fun magazines, Evian spray (or simply mineral water in a small spray bottle), Paw Paw cream,Hand sanitiser , Tissues, Face Moisturiser and I personally think an extra set of undies is always a good idea. On my last trip, I was saved by my amazing beautician, Amy Erbacher, made me a bespoke remedy for both sickness and anxiety, which I found very effective. Note: Look forward to an upcoming post where Amy shares some of her tips (which I think are great).

What are your best travel tips?

Much Love,