5 Tips For Staying Healthy This Summer (And Making It To Class!)

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Dear Readers:

As the weather changes and the days become warmer, the nights balmier and our social lives residing more outdoors, it is essential that we adjust our habits to accommodate the change of season as well as our having fun. Today, I want to share five tips to stay healthy this summer. Confession: Not paying attention to these can directly impact your desire and ability to come to class, so I have an added incentive.

Stay hydrated. Whether swimming, laying on the beach or running errands in the sun, summer is often synonymous with movement and activity. It’s also well known for being the season of chilled cocktails, wine and bubbly which, while delicious, can be dehydrating. Keep your organs flushed, your energy levels up and your skin soft by replenishing fluids on a regular basis. I love to infuse water with herbal tea’s, sliced fruits and even herbs.

Beware of too much salt. It’s wonderful to indulge (and we should), but foods heavy on the salt (chips and processed foods come to mind) can increase bloat and water retention. Not only can this be uncomfortable, it can zap your energy.

SPF is essential. We hear it all of the time, but how many of us really use the right amount of sunscreen every single day? Consider this habit a yearly must-do that helps protect from uncomfortable burns, skin cancer and premature aging of the skin .

Rest up. Yes, there are parties to attend, bonfires to coordinate and trips to be had, but your body needs 7-8 hours each night to rest and renew, regardless of your social schedule. If sleep in the evening starts to be scarce, incorporate disco naps.

What is your best “stay healthy” summer tip?

Much Love,