5 Things Pilates Has Taught Me


Dear Readers:

The toning benefits of Pilates have been well-documented, but my years in the studio have offered me insight into the ways in which practicing can impact your daily life and habits. Today, I would like to share five things Pilates has taught me.



If you allow for it, Pilates can have a profound effect on your body. Not only do the exercises teach you how to control your movements, but also how to focus your mind. You become aware of how your body is moving and also what it should feel like. In a world that often indulges in mindless chatter, wandering and eating, having this awareness can be freeing and maintaining control of your body and mind is a very powerful feeling.

Compassion For My Body

Many exercise programs promote the idea of extreme sport. The message that is sent is one that identifies both high-intensity and exhaustion as the only way to commendable results. Pilates teaches us to show deep and profound compassion for our body and to honor it, not only through strategic and thoughtful movement, but also with the desire to protect it from harm. No matter what state your mind or body is in, there is always an option of movement in Pilates. The movement has been made to support your body and to continue to keep it moving. That in turn is a great message for your mind. It is important to stay in motion.

How To Build Strength

Pilates shows a different side to strength than other forms of exercise. As I mentioned up top, the loads are not as strong. The reason is a simple one; Pilates adheres to the ideology that more work is required from the body from lighter loads. Pilates uses your own body weight for training and proves that everyone can build strength, regardless of their body type.

How To Listen

Pilates has always taught me to listen to my body. I always pay attention to how I am feeling that day and how that is effecting my movement. I can safely say that no two lessons have ever been the same. In fact, our body can teach us quite a bit about ourselves and unlock our thoughts in ways that never seemed possible. We must listen to our bodies are telling us and respond in kind.

 Body Appreciation

Pilates has really encouraged me to go beyond the physical and truly appreciate the the amazing machine the body is. It deserves our respect.

Much Love,