5 Reasons To Get Your Booty To The Barre



Dear Readers:

By now, nearly everyone reading this has heard of Barre classes. No, you are not required to wear ballet shoes or a leotard (but if you want to, go girl). Personally, I have been addicted to barre since my first day of training with BootyBarre three years ago. In the short time between then and now, there has been a worldwide explosion on the barre scene (not the one with cocktails).

If you’re interested in trying out a new class, but are feeling a bit intimidated, read on. Here are 5 surprising bonus of taking your booty to the barre.

1kg weights will make you shake. When I hand my clients their hot pink 1kg weights for the first time, there is often a look of smugness / relief on their face. 1kg is no problem, right? Wrong. After the first arm sequence (one of four) there is often a sideways glance between friends. Those pink weights really weigh up. The reality is that weights don’t need to be excessively heavy to work you out. Its all about small, isolated, controlled specified muscle contractions. We want long lean ballet inspired limbs instead of huge biceps.

You don’t need to be a dancer, yogi, or even co-ordinated.  Trust me on this fact. I have every kind of human being in my barre classes. From mums. dads and electricians to dancers and business owners. Everyone gets by just fine. All you really need is to be able to laugh at yourself. At least one member of the class almost always topples over, steps right instead of left, walks forward instead of back. Just take a breath and have a good laugh. Everyone is too busy concentrating on their own coordination efforts to notice your little miss steps.

You will sweat. I sweat in every one of the five classes I teach per week. Fifteen minutes into class, there are beads of sweat forming on everyones top lip. This is one mustache you can be proud of. Think of BootyBarre as detoxifying and purifying your body. Sweat is good baby;just shake it off.

Your core is always engaged. Your core is activated though out the entire class. As a Pilates principle, every movement is stabilised by activating the core. When you have your body moving to the beat, weights in hands, balls in-between knees, and thera-bands around your feet, you will feel the strength of your core supporting you. You might be thinking about it (and feeling it) throughout the next day as well.

Barre is low impact on your body. BootyBarre is developed to be a safe, functional, low impact form of exercise. Each class will have a slightly different focus; weights, flexibility/weights, cardio. As the routine is constantly changing, so is the focus. This allows for different challenges on the body to take charge for that session, then we move onto the next. Making it low impact, and ready for your every day challenge, if you dare.

Have you taken one of my Barre classes? What did you think?

Much love,