5 Reasons I Love Teaching Pilates

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Dear Readers:

We have officially passed halfway through 2016, how did that happen already? As I am about to take a week off and head away to reset and reboot, I thought i would reflect and share with you the reasons why I love what I do.

Every body is a “Pilates” body.  No matter what stage of life (I have been been practicing Pilates since i was 12) Pilates has made me feel that I am welcome, supported and able. Coming from a dancer’s background, which at times is not that positive on a young woman’s body confidence, this was a huge gift. Pilates has taught me to love, nurture and care for my body, no matter what it looks like externally.

Pilates created a mind-body focus. Lets face it; not everyone is cut out for meditation, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need it. Pilates is my meditation. Being able to quiet the noise in my mind,  focus on my body, how it’s moving, and when to breath is essential. Before I know it, an hour goes by and I float out of my session.

Stress/less environment.  I am one of the lucky ones in that I have been able to make my passion my job. Note: I have to remind myself of this when I curse at my alarm when it rings at 5.30am. I get to spend my days in a space I love, with wonderful inspiring people, practicing what I love to do the most.

Support system. Even though I teach Pilates, it does not mean that I’m “injury” free. Thanks to years of intensive dance training, my body at times can sound like a percussive snap, crackle pop. My most recent of injuries has been self imposed accident (last January, I jumped off a boat and landed wrong on my tail bone. It’s still a pain in my arse).
What my training has done is create a functional support system to carry me through my life’s adventures. What ever hiccups come my way, I know that my body will be supported by my training.

It keeps me grounded. No matter what life stresses find their way into my day ( emails, bills, writing blog posts, making dinner, whatever), taking myself down onto the mat, sucking in a deep breath, and moving my body immediately calms and grounds my mind. I can’t control everything, but Pilates has taught me to relax and focus on the now.

Why do you love your practice so much?

Much Love,