A Three-Course Meal Leads To A Three-Day Cleanse


Dear Readers:

After a wonderfully indulgent holiday, I have decided to start my first ever cleanse tomorrow. I have decided to start with a three-day option as I am not mentally prepared for five just yet. After doing a bit of research, I have chosen the “Winter Cleanse” from Orchard Street.

So, why a cleanse? I just returned from a trip where I enjoyed three-course meals cooked by a private chef every night. Enough said. This is also my annual “no alcohol” month so I can kill two birds with one stone and I literally want to cleanse myself of this winter season.

Summer, where are you? Come back, please.

I received a wonderful email from Orchard Street that gives me a step-by-step prep list. They suggest I avoid Animal products, refined sugar, coffee, alcohol, gluten and trans fats whilst embracing raw foods, water, fruits and veggies.

I plan to share my experience with all of you next week.

Have you tried a cleanse? What did you think?

Much Love,