The Mind Cleanse: Protecting Your Mental Space

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Dear Readers:

In my last blog, I spoke about going on a cleanse and how good it made me feel to take control of my body and take good care of my organs.

Today, I would like to talk about a different kind of cleanse; one that benefits our spiritual and mental state. It’s an absolute fallacy that our environment doesn’t directly impact our internal health. The scattered papers, the endless bickering with family (and strangers), the unspoken concerns and the dozens of other little concerns that seep into our days are like small drops of poison. Indulge enough of these and they will create a toxic day that will leave you feeling some not-so-healthy side effects. From exhaustion and anxiety to higher cortisol levels and even depression, the impact can be scary.

Today, I want to challenge all of you to spend the next week identifying “toxic” areas of your life. I know this sounds a little negative, but the outcome can bring about one of the most positive changes you’ll ever experience.

If you notice a habit that’s not working towards better health, write it down and take some time to think about ways to change it. If that’s not possible, think of ways to change how you handle it or respond to it.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Much love,


Diary Of A Juice Cleanse


Dear Readers:

Last week, I made light of my reasoning for doing the cleanse. I put it out as an indulgent holiday. It was a challenge that came about with a desire of wanting to cleanse myself of this relentless winter (and it is relentless). Though all of the above is true, it was a somewhat  superficial veil covering my real intention. Here’s the truth: I recently had an IUD inserted, and it hasn’t gone to plan, at all. In fact, it was placed incorrectly and is now placing pressure on my cervix which is causing internal swelling and discomfort.

But that is a whole other blog.

I am very much of the mind that you need to heal yourself from the inside out. Doing this cleanse was a wonderful way of allowing my vital organs to rest, recoup, and reboot. It was  just what I felt I needed in order to gain some control back. 

The truth is that, after doing it, I cannot recommend Orchard Street Cleanse more enthusiastically. The cleanse is brilliant, well made and well thought out. Each day, I woke up to an email which offered a detailed description of what was happening in my body clinically along with a daily motivational mantra. I found myself going back to read the day’s expectations and encouragements during moments of hesitation.

Today, I will share the diary entries that describe my three-day experience.

Day one.

I awoke obnoxiously-and perhaps naively– excited for the challenge ahead. Although I did not wake up early enough to have a “mindful moment” as was suggested. Aside from my 10:00AM headache (and needing to wee every hour on the hour), the first day went off without a hitch. This was until the evening drink. The smell of it was just… no. I just couldn’t do it. It was a very thick almond milk with turmeric and it was not going down well. I abandoned ship and took myself to bed.

Day two.

I am wondering why my Instagram pretty much consists of food porn.  It’s like I’m window shopping a menu. It’s cruel.

I am completely addicted to the “fireball” elixir which consists of ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper and lemon. Think of it going down like a healthy organic version of whisky. It’s intense, warm and soothing.

12:00PM: It’s time for the green fields drink which consists of broccoli, kale, sea parsley, celery, cucumber and lemon. This one tastes too healthy.  I  have learned the power of the straw. This simple tool makes some of the more unpalatable options a little more, well, palatable.

I am now using the “little helper” options as the evening drink is still not my friend. Half of an avocado with lemon for dinner. Lights out by 9:00PM.

Day three.

I actually dreamt of donuts last night. I don’t even remember that last time I ate one. Weird.

It’ my last day of the cleanse and I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself, if I can be so candid. The headaches have disappeared and I can report that I’m feeling lighter. I have a clear mind, and dare I say it, I am a little bit bored. I normally go out for dinner or catch up with friends on a Saturday night, but tonight it’s just me. I have even banished Peace from the house during meal times. No one may eat solid food in front of me.

My Saturday night has consisted of delightful distractions, a mani-pedi, a soak in a bath, a face mask and I watched a film.

Ah,  Sunday morning.

I am in a post-cleanse glory and I am feeling pretty smug about this achievement. I am, by nature, a morning person (much to the dismay of those around me who are not). This energy post-cleanse is tenfold.  I have taken a great deal of thought and planning into my first post-cleanse meal. Pancakes were  on the brain, vegan pancakes. I ordered them and they were scrumptious, but for the life of me, I couldn’t finish them. One and a half pancakes was all I could handle. This cleanse has also really has changed my bodily functions. I don’t want to finish the pancakes because I don’t want to feel stuffed.

So, what did I learn during this cleanse?

– I leave too long in-between meal which causes me to over eat.

– I really love carbs.

– Eating is a huge part of my social life.

– I don’t drink enough water, even though I thought I did.

– I don’t need large food portions to feel full.

– I really don’t like the taste of turmeric.

– I would definitely do it again.

I love the awareness created for the mind and body when doing this cleanse. I am changing the eating pattern from being a habit to a positive routine and being mindful that I eat when I’m bored. I also realise that I have pretty strong willpower.

Will you try a cleanse?

Much Love,


A Three-Course Meal Leads To A Three-Day Cleanse


Dear Readers:

After a wonderfully indulgent holiday, I have decided to start my first ever cleanse tomorrow. I have decided to start with a three-day option as I am not mentally prepared for five just yet. After doing a bit of research, I have chosen the “Winter Cleanse” from Orchard Street.

So, why a cleanse? I just returned from a trip where I enjoyed three-course meals cooked by a private chef every night. Enough said. This is also my annual “no alcohol” month so I can kill two birds with one stone and I literally want to cleanse myself of this winter season.

Summer, where are you? Come back, please.

I received a wonderful email from Orchard Street that gives me a step-by-step prep list. They suggest I avoid Animal products, refined sugar, coffee, alcohol, gluten and trans fats whilst embracing raw foods, water, fruits and veggies.

I plan to share my experience with all of you next week.

Have you tried a cleanse? What did you think?

Much Love,