10 Truths About Starting A Healthy Lifestyle


Dear Readers:

I hope everyone is having a happy and healthy week (and finding time for a little fun). For so many, just taking that first step can be the biggest challenge of all. Today, I wanted to share a few things I know to be true about starting a healthy lifestyle.

10 Truths:

Anyone who has ever been sick or debilitated knows that being active is not a burden, but a privilege.  If you’re able to move your body, break into a sweat and get your blood pumping, embrace it as the blessing it really is.

The love for our body should not shrink or expand in accordance to the numbers on the scale.

The decisions we make today will benefit us (or hold us back) tomorrow. While we may not notice the slimmer waistline, brighter complexion or increased flexibility in a day or two, consistent healthy habits will absolutely change your body and your life.

Often times a good stretch and a bottle of water can serve like an internal massage.

It’s extremely important to listen to your body, The no-pain/no-gain mentality could lead to a serious injury and should be left back in the 80’s with neon-lycra leggings. If something hurts or feels out-of-whack, don’t ignore it. Pay close attention to what your muscles, intestines and skin are telling you.

There is no such thing as a “perfect” physical body. Perfection is arbitrary.

Our health is our responsibility and should be our main priority. Everything we do, all of the support we give and every goal we want to achieve depends on our being healthy mentally and physically.

It’s not about being the best in the room or on the beach, but being the best you can be and feeling the best you can feel.

The road ahead may look long, but one-step-at-a-time is the surest way to get you from here to where it is that you want to go.

No one ever regrets finishing the class.

What do you know to be true about healthy living?

Much Love,