Resolutions: 10 Things I Won’t Be Changing This Year


As we move into 2015, many of us will be thinking about some of the changes we would like to make (always a good thing), but equally important is to appreciate the different traits that make you the unique individual you are. It is with this in mind that I thought it would be fun to challenge all of you to share 10 things that make you, well, you.  Here are mine:

Dance: I used to be a professional dancer. It seems like many moons ago now, but dance used to be my life. I think that’s where my passion for pilates originates from; I love how the body moves. I fell out of love with dance after having so much pressure placed onto my body. I personally believe that the the body needs compassion which is why I love Pilates as I do, there’s a balance I respect.

Comfort: I strongly dislike feeling constricted, and while I can appreciate fashion as much as the next person, comfort is the most important component when choosing clothing.  Soft, comfortable, natural fibers are my favourite things to wrap myself in.

Midriff: I’m really uncomfortable showing my midriff. I know my physique is something i should be proud of, and I am, but I have just never enjoyed showing it off. I just don’t think it’s in my nature.

Driving: I used to be quite afraid to get behind the wheel.  In fact, it was not until my dear grandmother, who, at age 90, decided she didn’t want to drive anymore that I really started.  She generously gifted me her car and I grew to love it. There is an amazing freedom in being able to get yourself to where ever you want to go (although my friends say I drive like a Nanna).

Music: I love Beyonce and am not ashamed to say it. I’m one of those women who cannot fault her, or at least don’t want to.

Authenticity: It’s extremely important to me to put my most authentic self forward, flaws and all. When I started this blog, I was determined to write each post personally for all of you, in my own voice, without regard to trends or worrying about sounding clever. I just wanted to be honest, straightforward and create a fun, honest space to share information (and I hope I have succeeded in that).

Travel: I love to travel and the next adventure I want to take is to Nigaloo Reef in western Australia.

Balance: I really appreciate having a sense of balance in my life. Work, play, socialising and rest. Living in a state of extremes is exhausting for me which is why I try to enjoy a variety of experiences while staying in-tune with what my body needs.

Singing: I have a deep fear of singing in public. I can dance and talk to my hearts content, but singing? No can do.

Ocean: I feel a very strong connection to the ocean. I believe the ocean is good for the soul in every way. The salt when it drys on your skin, the first dive under the water, the sound of the waves.  My favourite way to spend time.

What are a few things about you that you’re happy not to change? The quirkier, the better!