Q & A

JMP Founder, Johanna May Irwin answers some of the most common questions related to Pilates and BootyBarre.  Feel free to submit your own question via email at  Info@JohannaMayPilates.com or by calling our studio directly at 9662-8402

What Do I Wear To a Pilates Class?

JMP: The most important factor to take into consideration is to wear comfortable, form-fitting clothing that is breathable and easy to move in. Clean socks will be worn throughout the class and pants should be no shorter than knee-length for both men and women. These rules are asked to be respected by all clients.

What Do I Wear To a BootyBarre Class?

JMP: Get ready to sweat! Generally, workout gear is the optimal attire for Booty Barre and socks can be worn, but are optional.  Personally,  I like to feel my feet on the floor.

How Do I Choose The Right Studio For Me?

JMP: Choosing where to practice Pilates can often seem a little overwhelming.  The good thing is that there are several ways to aid in your decision-making.  First, ensure that your instructor has qualifications that are specific to Pilates.  At JMP, our instructors hold a Diploma of Professional Pilates Practice at a minimum. In addition, we regularly participate in ongoing education programs on a regular basis and work to stay informed and up-to-date on all information related to our industry.  It is also important that you feel comfortable in the space and the atmosphere created by the instructors.  At JMP, we aim to establish a foundation that is based on mutual respect between instructor and student and nurture an environment that encourages open dialogue and personal attention to every individual who takes our classes.

I Am Concerned About Finding a Class That Suits My Busy Schedule.

JMP: We live in a busy world and understand that everyone’s schedule is different.  This is why we offer both early morning and late evening classes while also remaining open to class time suggestions.  Our staff members will do all we can to find a time slot that suits you.

Does Your Studio Offer All of The Traditional Pilates Equipment?

JMP: At JMP, we are committed to providing our clients with traditional, state-of-the-art equipment to help aid them in their Pilates practice.  The equipment may be intimidating initially, but it is essential that you remember that it was built to challenge and support you.  Our instructors are here to guide you through your practice, and eventually, it will become second-nature on your Pilates adventure.

Why Does Everyone Start At a “Basic” Level?

JMP: In Pilates, it is vital that we first cover the basics before moving onto more challenging moves. Your first few sessions will circle around learning the correct muscle activation and how to use the equipment properly and effectively. Although your body may be able to perform the movements, we want to make sure the right muscle groups are controlling the exercise.

Ideally, How Often Should I Be Attending Pilates Classes?

JMP: This is really up to you, but consistency is the key to success in anything we do, including Pilates. The more classes you attend, the faster you will reach your goals.  From our experience, 2-3 classes per week are ideal.  Those who attend more classes, see results faster. As Pilates is a unique, low impact form of exercise, it is not required that one rest in-between classes.

Do I Need To Have Experience in Dance or Pilates To Participate In Booty Barre?

JMP: Dance experience is helpful, but not required. Since Booty Barre is based on specific Pilates principles, basic Pilates experience will be helpful. If you have not had any Pilates experience, but wish to attend a Booty Barre class, an initial consultation will be required.