Putting “Nutrients” In All Areas Of Your Life


Dear Readers:

I am a big fan of health of beauty from the inside out. What good is looking great if you feel terrible or slathering products on dehydrated skin, hair that begs for vitamins or putting on concealer on circles caused by sleepless nights? It’s essential that we think about ourselves ┬áin the context of the whole–spirit, health, wellness and beauty as the added bonus.

Today, I want to encourage all of you to start thinking about the foods you are taking in, how you are breathing (short panicky gasps for air or deep, cleansing breaths ) and how much “nutrients” you are placing in every area of your life. Start small if you need to–30 extra minutes of sleep, one more glass of water, one added class per week… these things add up and you’ll notice the benefits in record time.

Each time you do something “extra” pay attention to how easy it was and how good you feel about it. The best way to form a habit is to repeat an action consistently and reward yourself with a pleasant pat -on-the-back for a job well done.

Much Love,