Profile In The Juice Daily

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Dear Readers:

It’s been such a wonderful year for the JMP blog and I am so pleased to be profiling other experts and having the honour of being profiled on other sites. Very recently, I had the great pleasure of being interviewed for the amazing blog, Juice Daily. I was so thrilled to be asked to speak about the importance of protecting your knees during exercise because anyone who has ever been sidelined by a knee injury knows how long of a process it is to get mobile again.
From the importance of choosing the right shoes to the reason why stretching is essential, please take a moment to read the post and share your thoughts. If you like it, do feel free to share it with your own network.
We work together as a health, wellness and fitness community and I have such a passion for working as a part of a collaborative effort to bring readers and clients the best possible information to allow them to live their fittest, fullest and happiest lives–safely. I am truly humbled that all of you come to this blog and allow me to share what I have learned each week.
Much Love,