Never “Exercise” Again. Live An Active Life Instead.

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Dear Readers:

With the sun out and the warm weather here, there is good reason to get out and soak in a bit of vitamin D.  There is also more opportunity to get up (and work up) a good sweat in the studio, in the park, at the beach or even with the windows open in your living room.
So often we view exercise as something we “have” to do instead of seeing it as a part of an active, healthy, vibrant daily life. Activities shared with loved ones (swimming, hiking, cycling, dancing, etc.) are all forms of exercise that offer a variety of ways to connect with your body, those around you and nature.  When we choose to live actively, a good sweat isn’t a chore but a side-effect of a good time.  Imagine if we tossed the “exercise” label all together and simply thought about movement as active parts of our lives.
Think of how often some people exhaust themselves before they get to the gym or class. The back-and-forth with want (to stay in bed) VS should (get up and get to class). The more active we are, the more we associate it with the things we enjoy most (good music, endorphins, friends), the more likely we will stop doing what we “should” do and only be doing what we “want” to.
Much Love,