Accountability Time! How Did We Do On Our March Goals?


Dear Readers:

Is it just me or is the year flying by?

I’m loving having these little goals to use as check in’s and to make sure I am not just passing moments, but actually making the most of them. So, here are the check-in’s.

Coffee. My intention was to have less and I most definitely did–until I went to my partner’s parents place. There were lot’s of raw chocolate mochas being made over the long Easter weekend and they were delicious!

More me time. This one was a must. I had been powering through this year without a moment to breath. I am lucky enough to have a coastal hideaway to escape to, and Idid just that. It was a lovely weekend of sleeping in, beach walks and home cooked meals.

Adventure day. I didn’t manage to take myself on an adventure day. But I did go away for the long weekend, so perhaps it worked out better! I also booked an adventure weekend which will take me to the blue mountains. Lots of hikes and exploring, so more things to kick off the list.

Now for this month’s goals:

Self Mastery. As I work as a soul trader, sometimes it is easy to get in a solo mental groove. I, along with some amazing Pilates instructors I have known a long time have created a little collective. We get together to share ideas, ask questions and expand our craft. My brain is ready for some Pilates inspiration!

Hydrate. I find myself drinking tons of water whilst at work, but once I’m home, I completely forget to hydrate. I have started making mint and cucumber water and love it! I personally need to experiment on other combinations to keep my taste buds interested.

Ride my bike. I know I have had this one on my list already, but it is a task I neglected due to Sydney’s heat wave. That wave is sadly over which means that it is time to get back on the bike.

Tell me about your goals and check-in’s. How are you doing?

Much Love,


5 Ways To Stay Productive During Autumn

Dear Readers,
As the weather begins to cool and we begin spending more time indoors, it’s quite likely that we will find ourselves enjoying escapist indulgences. More texting, TV, alcohol and comfort food tend to be the standard way of passing time inside, and all can be delightful as longas there is balance. Today, I want to lay out 5 ideas I have for keeping things under control in the colder months.
1. Turn off all electronics one hour before bedtime and spend that hour winding down. Take a bath, read a book, give your partner a massage or meditate. Studies have shown that electronic screens can disrupt your ability to produce melatonin which can impact your quality of sleep.
2. Do not drink alcohol indoors two nights in a row. Swap them out and enjoy freshly grated ginger and/or lemon in hot water, a nice cup of herbal tea or a yummy green juice coconut “milk shake” instead.
3. Play board games instead of sitting mindlessly in front of the TV or staring at your iPhones. It’s nice to actually laugh and connect with the other people in the room.
4. Use the time indoors wisely. Tackle those home projects that you have been meaning to get to. Clean out your closet one weekend and work on a vision board on a chilly weeknight.
5. Indulge a hobby. Why not pick up a set of paints or build your photography skills? I personally love the summer months, but being “forced” to stay inside takes away the FOMO stress that often keeps us from staying in, unwinding and focusing on more serene and simple things.
What are some of your autumn/winter ideas?
Much love,


Stay Active Whilst You Chill



Dear Readers:

It’s that time of the year again when autumn begins to flirt and the air gets a little cooler, the nights a bit longer and the motivation we all had in summer starts to slowly melt into something a little less, well, motivating. Before you slip out of your yoga pants into a seasonal wardrobe of sweatpants and jammies, consider these five ways to stay on-track in cooler months.

Get a workout buddy. Take turns “showing up” for each other. Meet one another at class, take a walk together or even do a living room workout on a weekend holiday. Having a teammate will give you the boost you need when the alarm seductively swings its snooze button.

Take photos of your summer bod. No, not to send through late night texts. Having a picture of the hard work you have put in all season is a great way to remind you not to forgo those toning sessions for weeks at a time.

You want to beat the winter blues? Stay active. Exercise has been proven to release feel-good endorphins, lower blood pressure and boost energy and your mood. Try and get at least 30 minutes of movement per day (along with enough vitamin D).

Wear real clothing. A season of leggings and yoga pants can lead to a not-so-comfortable wake-up call at come winter time.

Remember, this is a lifestyle. Exercise is good for more than looking great in a bikini. You’re doing this for your quality of life and all of your organs and muscles as well as your waistline. Stay consistently active.

Much Love,


The Booty Barre Move You’ll LOVE

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 2.56.36 PM
(See the Gif on my Instagram).

Dear Readers:

Today, I am sharing an exercise that feels as good as it looks, but don’t be fooled: this full body challenge exercise is hard to master.

Step One

Childs pose, hinging form the hips,
bottom resting down towards feet,
arms lengthen out slightly wider than shoulder.

Step Two

Transfer weight into forearms.
Allow elbows to lift away from the floor
Extend the spine.

Step Three

Continue to hinge body weight forward.
Engage the triceps bringing weight into hands.
Commence a small extension through the spine
keeping shoulders broad.

Step Four

Press down into hands.
Your spine is in a long extension,
and supported by the core.

Step Five
Posterior tilt pelvis,
and hinge weight back towards a plank position torso.

Step Six

Draw the spine into a C- curve position by drawing the pelvis under.

Step Seven
Back to where we started: in child’s pose.


Try the move and let me know what you think!

Much love,


Time To Create Our New Monthly Goals!


Dear Readers:

It’s accountability time!

Let’s take a look at last month’s goals:

Try at least one new recipe per week.  I have been loving this goal. In fact, it may be my favourite one so far. Peace has been really into the idea as well. So lot’s of new tasty flavour combinations have been happening in my household.

Ride my bike. This one has been a total fail, and i blame it entirely on this heat wave we are having here in Sydney. Perhaps one i can implement more once the temperature drops.

Reading at bed time. I mentioned this goal to one of my clients, and she promptly arrived at her next session with a stash of new books.  You have to love encouraging clients. Personally, I am a slow reader.  I often fall asleep after five or six pages, but I am loving this new ritual.

Now, onto this month!

Coffee. I used to never drink coffee. I really don’t like almond or soy milk, and black coffee was just a little to strong for me. As such, it was easy to never have coffee as a part of my day-to-day. That was until my lovely local coffee shop started to allow me to eave my coconut milk there, my coffee addiction has grown a little stronger. I really like coffee and have nothing against it, i just know that when its the first thing i think about in the morning, then there is a slight dependance going on. My goal is to limit myself to four cups per week.

Take a little more me time. I have been noticing that I have not have that much down time of late. Ive been having lots of fun and enjoying my friends and family, but I do need to schedule in a little more quiet time.  I only have one full day off of work, and I need to make that 24 hours count.

Go on an adventure. My friends and I used to have this day called adventure day. We would go somewhere new and it could only be an  hour out of the city maximum as it was just a day trip. It was fantastic. It’s amazing what you can find just an hour out of the city. I want to bring back my adventure day.

Now it’s your turn! What are your goals?

Much Love,


My End-Of-Summer Bucket List


Dear Readers:

As summer is drawing to an end for the southern hemisphere (insert deep sigh)  I thought I would share my favourite summer activities and moments with you. I will be packing them into my final weekend of summer.

Waking up with the sunrise and going for an ocean swim.

The feeling of ocean salt drying on my skin.

The smell of coconut-scented sunblock.

Snorkeling in Gordons Bay.

Late lunches that run into late dinners.

Wearing a sundress–and nothing else.

Warm evenings spent in my courtyard.

Two words: lemon sorbet.

Every meal will involve coconuts.

Watching the sunset and the moon rise.

How will you be spending your last moments of summer?

Much Love,


Personal Power is an Inside Job

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 4.09.28 PM

Dear Readers:

Working in fitness, I talk a lot about centering and building power in your core. But I want to ask you all something? How powerful do you feel in your daily lives? How “strong” do you feel when it comes to facing day-to-day challenges? How toned is your spiritual center?

If there is a bit of a disconnect, it may be time to make some changes.

Though it’s natural to focus on the physical in the studio, we sometimes forget that personal power is an inside job and it requires dedicated and consistent training. What good is being able to hold a three-minute plank when we can’t pull ourselves up from a proverbial fall?

When we take the time to really connect with ourselves, use our power to choose, our voice to speak up and feel anchored in our values and vision, we become a force in our own lives. Suddenly, we are able face winds of change by bending without breaking and endure a difficult day without allowing ourselves to believe it’s a difficult life.

Today, I want to encourage you all to create a “power space” where you can sit and really work on building your own inner strength. Perhaps it’s a nook where you can write in a journal, or a space in your garden where you can meditate. It could even be on your bed in your bedroom with candles lit and an inspiring book. Commit to visiting that space a few times a week over the next few months and take note of how it makes you feel.

I’d love to hear about your progress.

Much Love,


8 Favourite Non-Dairy Treats (That Taste Delicious!)

Dear Readers:
As I have previously mentioned, I have had a lifetime of digestive issues. After many years of being misdiagnosed as having IBS and coeliac disease, I was finally (correctly) diagnosed as being lactose intolerant. When I was gluten free nearly eight years ago, it was not nearly as easy as it is now to find palatable and affordable options. The options were stark and dense, to say the least. From experience, it is way easier to be lactose intolerant than gluten intolerant, but I still cant order a bloody pizza though!
Food allergies are on the rise world wide. As concerning as this is, it’s also positive in that I really think it has brought us back to basic cooking. We are really looking into the ingredients that are in our food and the response our body has to the different ingredients.  Now, I don’t endorse people cutting out full food groups just because it is on trend. However, if you want to try some dairy-free options, and be nice to your belly, here are 8 of my favourites.
 CoYo- CoYo is made from organic ingredients and is very versatile. I use it in salad dressings, smoothies, desserts or just plain from the bowl.
Rebel Kitchen- Rebel Kitchen is a coconut milk based drink; my favourite is the coffee. This drink has nothing but goodness in it.  All organic, no additives, vegan, paleo, gluten free, nut free and soy free. Are you eyes rolling yet?
CoCoWhip-My favourite dessert on a hot day is cocowhip. CoCoWhip is essentially coconut soft serve.  It’s light, delicious, moorish and harmless.
Dobbys Donuts- These donuts are definitely a treat and not a daily staple. They are vegan donuts and they are delicious. They don’t taste like your eating a healthy dessert. They taste like delicious down-and- dirty tasty treats.
Cobs organic popcorn. I love popcorn;it’s my favourite snack. I make it all the time at home, but Cobs makes the best on -the0- go popcorn. I purchase cobs popcorn at least once a week (in multiple packets)
​Inside out, coconut milk-There are many options for coconut milk on the shelf these days but you really want the fresh stuff from the fridge. If the use by dates has months on it, then there is definitely some nasties added in there. Inside out coconut milk is my favourite. ​It is 100% natural and cold pressed.
Pana Chocolate. Pana Chocolate is made from raw cocoa. It is beautifully creamy, organic, and guilt free. My favourite is the peppermint.
​Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars Basically these bars are the lazy person’ s answer to bliss balls. I have a stack of these in the fridge at work for those days when i’m on the go. Again, my favourite flavour is the cocao mint. I may be obsessed.
What are some of your favourite non-dairy treats?
Much Love,

This is not a sponsored post. I just really love these products.

Mini-Goal Round-Up.


Dear Readers:

I am really enjoying making these mini monthly resolutions-slash-goals with myself. These are the challenges I have set for myself that I intend to implement into my general lifestyle throughout the year. That said, it is important for me to not take my “failures” too seriously.  It has been said that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit.

Here is my wrap- up of how it went last month. 

Goal: To get to a three-minute plank.

How it went: I’ve made it to 2 minutes and 10 seconds. I am only practicing my planks at the end of my BootyBarre classes, so I’m already buggered. 

Goal: To have four consecutive nights per week sans alcohol.

How it went: I’ve made it consistently to three days, but still working on the fourth. To be fair, there has been a lot of birthdays and weddings last month.

Goal: Pre-work swims in the ocean.

How it went:  Sadly I have yet to fit this in, it keeps raining! I have been able to get to the ocean post work, so I’m going to chalk that up as a semi-success.

February Goals:

Ride my bicycle more. I’m more of a sundress and cruise bike rider than full lycra, sprint and sweat rider. Ladies, do you understand this vibe? I just rode my bike to work for my evening sessions at JMP and I can’t really figure out why I have yet to do this. I’m already going to get sweaty when I teach, so what harm does a little pre- class warm-up do? I’m definitely adding this extra bit of pleasure and exercise to my regular routine.

Food. I want to try and make at least one new recipe a week. With all of these amazing recipes that I see daily on Instagram, why do I often find myself making the same meals?  Change is as good as a holiday, and food for me is the best part of holidays.

Read. I’m finding myself falling asleep to “Making of a Murderer” rather than slowly winding down my body with a good book. Mental note, read more.

What are your mini-goals?

Much love,



How to Make “Eating Healthy” A Life Change (and Not a Diet)


Dear Readers:

Not too long ago, I was speaking with a client who was expressing her frustration at her inability to stick to a healthy diet. I have long been a proponent of balance for one major reason: life is for enjoyment and if we are not enjoying ourselves, we will not want to continue down a path.

Here are my top tips for sticking with a healthy life change.

Find healthy foods that you really enjoy. “Healthy” goes way beyond the few major elements that get the most attention (I’m looking at you, kale, salads and quinoa). Take some time to explore the many fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats and fish the world has to offer. Mix and match and find ways to satisfy different cravings in a new way.

Look up why foods are good. This is a fun game to play with yourself. When you know what different foods do for your body, you get an extra feel-good boost. You might even start mixing and matching based on what you feel your body needs.

Food preps and meal plans are a great support. Spend some time planning a healthy menu that includes different flavours, healthy fats, lean proteins and some yummy snacks to satisfy sweet and salty cravings. By being prepared, you can sidestep slumps that tend to lead us to using fillers instead of fuel.

Host a healthy dinner party. Have friends and family make their favourite healthy dish and bring the recipe so that everyone can experience new flavours and options.

What are your suggestions? Do you find it hard to stay on track?

Much Love,