A Fit Lifestyle Doesn’t Begin and End In Class

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Dear Readers:

I believe that one of the most important things to pay attention to in life is balance. A lot of people look at that statement as being one-sided: having the doughnut, splurging on the drink and so on. But balance goes both ways and today I want to talk a little about the other side of things.

So often, we see men and women who are training, making the classes and doing all of the “active” parts of exercise, but then they go home and eat unhealthy meals, skimp out on sleep and avoid any water that’s not mixed with something caffeinated or alcoholic. This always concerns me as fitness isn’t just found in a class. It’s a lifestyle that requires movement, meditation and mindfulness.

When we allow for an 80/20 rule in all areas, we’re going to move forward a lot faster than 50/50 or even 50/40. Just as one would not train every day (or should not), one should not indulge on a daily basis. Skimp on sleep to go out for a delicious meal and drinks with pals one night and make sure to have plenty of healthy food, water and sleep the next few days. You’ll find that you avoid the need to ‘“detox” and that frantic feeling that you need to “get it together” and feel much more free to flow in a fit lifestyle that is healthy and fun, and yes, balanced.

Much love,