7 (of a Million) Reasons Coconut Oil Is Everything



Dear Readers:

There are few things in this world as beloved as coconut oil. OK, perhaps that’s not true, but I am so in love with it that I am pretty sure it dropped from the heavens. Known for the amazing health benefits (oh, those energy-boosting triclycerides), there’s more to the oil than using as an alternative oil for cooking or an occasional hair mask. In fact, I recently learned firsthand that gargling and swallowing the oil will cure a sore throat (good to know) and a a recent visit to a massage therapist showed me how amazing your body can feel after traditional oils are swapped out with that from a coconut.

Whiten Teeth. Christie Brinkley swears by the whitening properties of the oil and many people use it to get rid of (and prevent) bad breath.

Shave with it. Not only is it a great post-shower lotion, it’s a fantastic way to moisturize skin while in the shower and provides a smooth base for shaving. Less nicks and cuts (and ingrown’s too).

Make a great foot scrub. Mix epsom salt and coconut oil together and scrub your feet for 30 seconds each. Not only will they look great, they will feel amazing afterwards.

Take your face off. Forget the drying makeup removers and soaps. Coconut oil is a fantastic way to remove makeup and soften skin (and it has been known to keep undereye bags at bay).

Less yeast infections. My girlfriend swears that since she started taking a spoonful every day, she’s not had a single one. This is a big deal for an avid swimmer who got one nearly every other month.

What’s your favourite coconut oil remedy?

Three no-fail ways to feel more joy every single day.


Sometimes you don’t need a major life overhaul or even a vacation to enjoy a positive shift in your life. Today, I want to share three simple ways to experience more happiness and be a source of it for those around you.

1. Take a moment.

Just a moment for you to set the tone, take a deep breath or to think about what you are going to say. There’s so much you can do (and avoid doing) just by taking a simple pause.’

2. Choose compassion.

There is not one among us who doesn’t want to scream at the driver, growl at mum or dad or tell a partner exactly how you feel about their snide comment. Instead of meeting salt with more salt (or worse, fire with fire) try and see the person with compassionate eyes. Give a backstory for a second. Maybe that woman in the market has just found out that she is going to lose her job and is lost in her thoughts or your mum simply forgot that she told you to grab wine on the way home and would be embarrassed if you let her know.

3. Give happiness

This one is going to be an interesting challenge for all of you as I guarantee the more you give, the more you will receive and it will become your go-to on down days. Make a promise to yourself to “give happiness” to at least 3 people each day. When you see the sad friend or the lonely neighbor, give them a smile or drop off flowers for no reason. You’ll become addicted to how good it feels, I swear.

Much Love,


We Are So Excited To Offer Baby Booty Barre



Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the concept of not having to choose between time with your bubba and getting a healthy and mind clearing workout in, but let’s be candid; the challenges and responsibilities new mother’s face can place self-care on the back-burner. It is for this reason that I was so thrilled to hear about the amazing barre program structured to nurture and safely challenge the pre and postnatal body by BootyBarre creator, Tracey Mallet. I had to get to Melbourne and take the class so I did just that and it was incredible.  I have always been a strong believer in the importance of supporting and nurturing the ever-changing prenatal body. This new Baby BootyBarre programme was created  with the technique of a Pilates class, the flow of yoga, and the rhythm of a dance class. It’s a uniquely structured class that will allow mums to workout safely whilst meet new people and finding assistance with the changes in the pre and postnatal body. With this, there are special benefits to a new mum.




Maintaining aerobic fitness throughout pregnancy and after baby. Excess weight gain not only makes it harder to lose post-baby, but it also brings about added stress onto the body.

The promotion of strength, muscle tone and endurance. You’ll not only help burn more calories with muscle, but more importantly, you’ll be stronger (which helps to carry you both) and have more energy whilst pregnant and once your little guy or girl arrives.

Improvement in posture. Massively important with the changes in your body during this time.

Reduction of constipation, bloating and swelling. It’s not something many women talk about but constipation during pregnancy can be both annoying and painful.

Reduction in your risk of gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), is a maternal hyperglycemia that can come about for about 18% percent of mum’s-to-be around the third trimester. Prenatal exercise has been shown to offer great benefits. Read more here.

Sleep improvement. Though we often hear about no sleep post baby, many mums have difficulty getting enough rest during their pregnancy. Regular exercise and mindfulness has been shown to help regulate sleep and mood.

Labour and delivery preparation. You hear me say it constantly, but conditioning the core is key to a smoother labour experience and overall body health in general.

I am so excited to be offering these classes and cannot wait to meet your little ones and workout in a gentle, but challenging environment that supports your body and the beautiful bond you’re building with your bubba. Thank you, Tracey, for once again, putting wellness at the forefront of your workouts.

Much Love,


Skin RX: Get Up and Get Glowing


Dear Readers:

Everyone says to love the skin we are in and that starts with feeling comfortable in it. Though confidence is key, let’s be honest; no one wants to face a dull complexion or deal with adult acne and who enjoys dealing with dehydrated eyes in the morning. You can slather on all of the creams and make up in the world,  but if you’re not eating properly, sleeping properly and taking care of yourself, it’s going to be written all over your face.

Today, I would like to share a few tips for a glowing complexion.

Hydrate with breakfast. Go beyond the water and drink your morning meal. Create a healthy, vitamin and antioxidant rich shake to help feed your skin and fill your tummy. Follow up with lemon water every hour. Do this for three days and tell me you don’t notice a difference and feel incredible.

Get to class. Stress wreaks havoc on skin and sweat is known to de-clog pores. Win-win.

Cut the coffee in half. You don’t need to give it up altogether, but if you have two cups a day, swap one out for green tea or an herbal blend and a vitamin B12.

Eat your omega’s. Salmon, walnuts, flaxseed…all of these foods will boost your complexion and your overall health at the same time.

Make an omelette for dinner once in a while. Eggs are a great go-to for biotin and protein and many chef’s pair theirs with a glass of wine and a salad. Give it a try, it’s kind of decadent.

Protect your skin. Forgive my scolding, but I don’t care how much you want a tan, sun cream is essential. Not only does it help protect against dull skin, wrinkles and brown spots, but also skin cancer.

Much Love,


5 Ways To Lower Your Cortisol Levels (And Why You Should!)


Dear Readers:

Most of us know this to be the fight or flight stress chemical that floods our bodies when we are faced with danger, real or perceived, and it can cause a wide-range of alarming issues from belly fat and inflammation to fertility issues and cardiovascular disease. Lowering stress levels is the best way to keep it under control, but unfortunately, the way many of us do this can increase the amount of it in our system. That extra cup of coffee in the morning (which is when our levels are the highest) or evening cocktails both increase secretion of the hormone. That sugary fix with the trans fats? You guessed it. Staying out late to “let loose” often leads to less sleep which will also work against you.
Today, I want to share a few ways to lower your stress levels and get the hormone under control.

1. Drink your coffee after 10:00AM. Studies have shown that the early AM is the worst time to have coffee as you wake up with the highest levels of cortisol in your system. Try having a glass of warm water with lemon first thing to fend off dehydration and flush your system, or if you really need the boost, move to black tea which lowers the hormone.

2. Meditate. Taking 10-20 minutes to breathe is one of the best things you can do for yourself in terms of lowering stress (and blood pressure), reducing anxiety and getting in tune with your body. It’s also a great way to set the tone for your day.

3. Listen to your favorite music. Music is a scientifically-proven mood enhancer and has been shown to cut cortisol levels almost in half.

4. Exercise or get a massage. Both release feel good chemicals (endorphin and serotonin, respectively).

5. Go to bed earlier. It’s not always easy, but crawling in bed 30 minutes early (without an electronic screen) can do wonders for your wind-down and help you sleep better and longer.

How high are your stress levels normally? Have you noticed any changes in your body as a result?

Much Love,