20 Questions: Fitness Edition

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Dear Readers:

Happy Tuesday! Today, I want to do a fun little check-in with all of you? You know the game 20 questions? This morning, I want all of you to take a moment and answer the following questions, and if you have time, share the answers on your own blogs and link back to me or simply ask a friend. Need a little extra motivation on some days? Print out your answers and post them on the fridge.

  1. Why do you work out?
  2. What does your perfect workout location look like?
  3. How does your body feel when you’re in the middle of a workout?
  4. What is your favourite Pilates pose and why?
  5. How do you feel when your body does something new?
  6. What has been your greatest fitness challenge thus far?
  7. Who is your fitness crush and why?
  8. What does the word “fit” mean to you?
  9. Does working out impact your mood? If so, tell us how.
  10. When was the last time you tried something new in your fitness routine?
  11. Are you more social or independent with your workouts?
  12. What does the word “healthy” mean to you?
  13. What motivates you to workout?
  14. What is your biggest hurdle when it comes to sticking with a new routine?
  15. What is your favourite workout song?
  16. What makes you feel amazing post workout?
  17. Why did you start working out to begin with?
  18. What do you feel like when you skip a class?
  19. Who would you love to workout with?
  20. How does working out help you in other areas of your life?

I would really love to read your answers to this.

Much love,